Sunday, June 3, 2007

Read This So I Don't Have To Write It...

Check out this blog:

This guy is awesome. I'm not sure that much of the stuff he says is "new", but he puts a ton of stuff into the right words. Take, for example, his series of posts on the concept of a "story engine," which is"the setting of an open-ended series, the status quo of the [comic/TV show/book series/movie franchise/add open-ended series here]." The concepts, as he explains them, are not--cannot--be completely new. As I was reading his posts, I kept thinking, "I've thought that before! Just not in so many words!" And if I am thinking that, professional writers the world over have thought this stuff.

But Mr. Seavey has a knack for putting these things that you kind of already know into just the right words. Believe me when I say that the term "story engine" is going to be showing up in SM:FBFW posts very soon, because it hits the nail right on the head for what I'm trying to say about Spider-Man.

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