Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Buffy Season Eight TPB I

Just a quick note--I just bought Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight, Volume I: The Long Way Home, and it's awesome. Excellent story, character, dialogue, everything. If you like fun comics, do not miss this one. The link above takes you to Amazon to buy it, but I'd recommend your favorite local comic shop.

I'd write a review, but it's Halloween and there's just not time. The short version is... AWESOME. BUY NOW.


Anonymous said...

Well, Spider-Man 3 came out on DVD in Canada on the 30th, and this weekend I rented it and finally saw the movie.


I loved just about every part of it-the sympathetic portrayal of the Sandman, Harry's development from vengeful villain to redeemed hero, the clever way Spidey found to beat Venom, the way everything seemed to be going great for Spidey at the start until they began falling apart, how the symbiote fed off the anger and bitterness of both Peter and Eddie, how Mary Jane got some nifty character development, and the way they wrote Brock as being an arrogant hotshot and the way Peter ruined his career, the cameo by Stan the Man, the homage to the '60s cartoon by having the marching bands play the opening theme, the introduction of Gwen, and the top-notch performances by all the lead characters.

I actually like having Sandman be the guy who killed Uncle Ben; it was an accident, and Sandy was only turning to crime to pay his daughter's hospital bills. It strengthens the role of the Sandman, and gives him more room for development than just making him be a faceless burglar.

Topher Grace as Brock was easily my favorite character. The deadpan delivery he perfected as Eric Forman suited this version of Brock perfectly, and making him Gwen's girlfriend only strengthened the hate brewing between him and Peter.

The only thing I didn't like was that there weren't enough Jolly Jonah moments. Simmons didn't really get a chance to cut loose in this version, since Betty Brant was constantly interrupting him.

Other minor quibbles include my wondering why the butler didn't tell Harry right away about the way Norman died, and whether Peter stopping the Burglar would have made any difference; would Flint Marko have shot Ben anyway?

All in all, though, it was easily the best one of the series to date. Pity that Sam Raimi won't be back for another installment.


Eric Teall said...

You absolutely have to be joking.

I don't mean to be rude, but other than the occasional action sequence, not one thing about this movie stands up to either of the other two, except for the casting of Gwen. She looks like she walked right out of a John Romita drawing.

Everything else was simply one missed opportunity after another. I'll agree that I'd like to see more of Simmons as JJJ and that it was a shame he wasn't used better in this movie. (BTW, have you seen his extra scene in Spider-Man 2.1? VERY funny.

I've already debated this movie's so-called merits a thousand times, so I won't bore you with my opinion here. Suffice it to say that you and I must have watched different movies.