Sunday, December 2, 2007

Star Trek TNG: Before Dishonor [SPOILERS]

BTW, I have to add that I almost forgot to post this week's SM:FBFW because I spent my Sunday evening reading Before Dishonor, the new Star Trek TNG book by Peter David. I mention this because it appears that they're actually doing things--story things, character development things--with the Star Trek novels now. I knew that Riker had moved on to the Titan, but I wasn't aware that they'd be allowed to do things like SPOILER KILL KATHRYN JANEWAY. /SPOILER

That alone was worth the price of admission. Not my favorite PAD book or TNG book by any stretch, but it was serviceable enough. If you're a PAD fan, a Spock fan, a Voyager fan, or a TNG fan, you should check out this novel.

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