Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well, they did it. (OMD Spoilers)

The marriage is officially kaput. For now. Probably the most disappointing thing about all of this is how bad the writing has been. JMS has said (I believe so, anyway) that he didn't like the idea behind "One More Day" and from the way he wrote it, I believe him. I've also never bought into the idea that Peter and MJ are somehow "fated" to be together, so Mephisto talking about their love being "holy" and all that crap just falls flat.

That said... Anyone who believes that the marriage is dead is kidding themselves. The end of OMD sets things up perfectly to make sure that MJ and Peter not only get back together, but that they need to get back together. Harry's alive (and divorced from Liz, apparently). That in and of itself should prove that this story is not going to last. Harry Osborn did nothing but screw up his life every chance he got. If he's really been alive all this time, it means that he's just had more time to screw up his life. He's going to end of in a situation where he's "better off dead," if you know what I mean.

Add to that the fact that things between BND Peter and MJ are "frosty" and it's very, very clear that their relationship is far from done. It is my firm belief that BND is designed more to reinforce the marriage and its need to move forward (as in children) than it is to "end" the marriage. The one thing that will last from all of this is that Peter's identity will be secret again, and that's fine with me. Talk about a genie that needed a bottle... there it is.

I may be right, I may be wrong, but as bad of a story as "One More Day" was, it seems clear to me that its purpose is NOT to serve as a cop out. If it is just a cop out, just a crappy way to rid themselves of the marriage, then I'll be more than disappointed--I'll be surprised.

One more note, specifically to Marvel: If people buy more Spidey books starting with "Brand New Day", it's not because of the marriage being gone--it's because with good writing, the Spidey books might actually be readable again.



Jared said...

I sincerely hope you're right. I'm probably going to be buying again, with Dan Slott coming on board, JMS's mystical totem business and Sins Past erased from continuity, and the prospect of seeing some Sleepwalker villains back in action.

Let's get back to stories of Electro and the Blizzard trying to extort money from the Bugle, or the Speed Demon trying to rob Bloomingdale's, or Doctor Octopus plotting to hijack the Internet-stuff that doesn't necessarily involve blowing up Peter's life. These sorts of plots don't involve regressing Peter-he can be fighting costumed criminals whether he's 25, 35, or 45, all while juggling his family life and his career as a forensic scientist, a teacher, or whatever other career he moves on to.

Eric Teall said...

You say it very well at the end there, Jared, and I think that's what it comes down to: Spider-Man can have exciting adventures and engaging soap-opera no matter what his current life situation is. What he needs are good writing and a good supporting cast.

That said, they'd better not permanently screw up the continuity or the marriage. I say this not because those things are magically sacrosanct--I say it because there's no "good" way to do either one.