Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quesada vs. The Fans (From the SMB)

Here's a short excerpt from a very funny post from CrazySugarFreakBoy! over at the ever-popular Spider-Man Message Board:

Fans: How can you say that divorcing Spider-Man is wrong, when you had him make a deal with the Devil?

Quesada: Because divorce means that you're a quitter, and that makes you a bad person. Besides, if they just gave up on their marriage, then it would show that there's no hope for their relationship ... even though, in dealing with the Devil, they did give up on their marriage, and by my own editorial fiat, there is no hope for their relationship. Besides, the Devil tricked Spider-Man, and how could Spider-Man expect that? And this isn't the only bad thing Peter has done, so if you don't like him for doing this, then you obviously don't like anything Spider-Man has done!

Fans: How can you say that almost everything happened the same, when retconning the marriage means that lots of stuff obviously didn't happen, like Mary Jane getting pregnant?

Quesada: Well, when I say "almost" everything happened the same, that means that lots of things didn't happen the same. And since I Marvel never really liked Mary Jane having been pregnant in the first place, that no longer happened. But again, we're not the first ones to pull a stupid retcon! Look at Norman Osborn! I'm not even going to try and pretend that bringing him back was anything but a mistake, but because he's been back long enough, he's become something that fans and creators alike simply have to put up with, which is what I'm hoping this retcon will become.

For more hilarity, check out this post at the SMB!

Yet another thing I wish I'd written. Sigh.


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