Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SM:MIA - ASM 547

Spider-Man: Missing In Action

This Week's Reading List: Amazing Spider-Man

Sigh. Damn it, Marvel. Quit making Brand New Day actually good. Now, let's get something straight right from the get-go: ASM 547 is not a groundbreaking comic. It is not fantastic art. What it is, unfortunately for those of us who HATE the set-up of BND, is entertaining and fun. I still maintain that getting rid of the marriage was unnecessary to tell this kind of a story, but this story is, in and of itself, good.

In fact, it's better than last week because most of my complaints from last week are simply not a factor for this issue. The marriage (or lack thereof) is a non-issue, Harry Osborn acts like a rich guy (but not a rich schmoozer), there's a supporting cast, there's a villain, a fast-paced plot, there's sub-plots... Aargh. And then, of course, there's McNiven art, which I've liked since his CrossGen days.

Is the issue generic? YEP. This issue would fit in very nicely with the stuff I'm reading for the For Better or For Worse column. The Coffee Bean is here, Harry's here, and someone has stolen Peter's stuff, including this weird "watch" that happens to shoot webs. Meanwhile, there's a mysterious villain chasing after a tablet. Spidey jokes, he's concerned about money, about pictures, he only has one web-shooter... I mean, this is classic Spider-Man, plain and simple. If I had not been reading comics for twenty years, walked into a shop, and picked this issue off the stands, I'd be on-board for the next issue for sure.

None of this changes the fact that this series is going to have to fall back on the changes introduced last issue (slacker Peter, media-whore Harry, do-gooder May, and the lack of marriage), and that's going to be problematic for me. However, I have to give BND a fair shot, and this issue hits in all the right ways.

Damn it.


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Jared said...

I get the feeling I'm really, really, really going to enjoy this.

Both Peter AND May.

As I've said before, I don't mind the marriage, and I hate the way it was done away with, but I'm not so attached to it that I don't mind sacrificing it to have bad continuity erased.