Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SM:MIA - ASM 548

My copy came Monday. Not cool, Marvel. Not cool at all.

BTW, in case you haven't figured this one out: SPOILERS

Spider-Man: Missing In Action

This Week's Reading List: Amazing Spider-Man 548

Amazing Spider-Man 548 is much the same as 547: Virtually nothing in it is related to the marriage in any way. The main story is serviceable, but not inspired. Mr. Negative has created a DNA-based "blood bomb" that only affects those related by blood to the original source. He's using it to target the Maggia. He plants one at a circus, planning to kill a bunch of mob kids. Spidey saves them. Meanwhile, the Spider-Mugger is killed, and Spidey gets some of his stuff back. Of course, the cops think Spidey killed him.

There are some Brand New Day plots sprinkled in here. First, Harry is none too happy to see Spidey swinging around. Second, one of the new girls is apparently a CSI, and she wants to investigate the blood thing. Third, Aunt May's boss at the shelter is Mr. Negative.

Now, come on, Marvel, honestly: what part of this issue required One More Day in order to work? Mary Jane prevented you from introducing new female supporting characters? Or is your whole company so unimaginative that you couldn't think of a way to introduce a new female supporting character without making her a love-interest for Peter?

Ugh. Honestly, the tone of the issue is right, but that doesn't change the fact that the set-up sucks.


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