Thursday, February 21, 2008


Prepare yourself for the greatest revelations since people found out that "Go hang a salami" could be spelled backwards to reveal that "I'm a lasagna hog."

Okay, I don't want to give everything away, but here are some definite clues to Jackpot's 100% true, unquestionable identity. Consider that her supposed "secret ID" name, Sara Ehret, can be turned into:
  • Errata She - Jackpot must be the leftover bits of continuity from Mephisto's wrangling, much like the being that contained all the mutant powers. "She" has been "Errata"-ed into existence.
  • Arras Thee - Jackpot is you, hiding behind a curtain. Didn't see that one coming, did you? (Of course not--you're behind the tapestry! Watch out for Danish princes!)
  • Hearer Sat - Mary Jane listened to Peter at the end of ASM 122 while he sat. Need I say more?
  • Rehear Sat - And he said it again.
  • Eraser Hat - And... POOF! The marriage is gone from continuity. Where did Mephisto get the power to do such a thing? Prepare yourself for an artifact that makes the Wand of Watoomb seem like a child's crayon, except... erasable!
  • Hare Tears - "OMD/BND: Continuity bad enough to make bunnies cry."
  • Hearts Are - ...just playthings for the devil.
  • Hater Sera - This is demi-French for "The time of the hater will be." As it is now.
  • Heart Ares - And isn't MJ declaring war on Peter's heart?
  • Haste Rear - CENSORED. But true and insightful, nonetheless.
  • A Rarest He - Peter's love for MJ was incredibly rare. And pure. But he doesn't remember it now. (BUT he's the ONLY person--one could say "a rarest he"--who remembers his own true identity!)
  • Era Shat Re - Indeed. Argue with that!
I hope that knowing this information hasn't spoiled the many surprises that the Spider-Team still has in store for you.


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