Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sins Past, The "Missing" Three Months, and More...

So I'm in the middle of writing the next installment of the 121-122 review, and it occurs to me that I've been reading the whole series of events during which, according to JMS, Gwen got pregnant by Norman, went to Europe to have the babies, came back, told Mary Jane, and then got killed. And at no point in the preceding twenty or thirty issues did I see a place where she might have gone through such a traumatic event.

I did a bit of Net searching, and found out that, according to this post at JMSNews, JMS considers the whole "Smasher/Disruptor" reprint of Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine 1 to be three months of time "unaccounted for." Well, as you may remember from my brief review of those three issues, I didn't think much of them, nor did I feel like rereading the whole Raleigh story in detail. It still seems to me that three months of "blank space" still didn't change the whole "Gwen was in London over twenty months ago" thing, so I wanted some more details on the reprint. Can they be ignored in favor of SSM Magazine, or not?

Well, I'll be darned if Al Sjoerdsma over at SpiderFan.org didn't do a detailed comparison of the four issues in question. Interesting reading, indeed--make sure you check out Al Sjoerdsma's Review of Raleigh/Disruptor!

In the end, I just don't see how Gwen could have done everything JMS says she did without anyone being the wiser. Really, she comes back from London after Harry's first LSD experience and doesn't appear to have been pregnant at all! She and Peter certainly get close enough that one would think some post-pregnancy effects would be noticeable. ("Gosh, Gwen... where did those stretch marks come from?" "Uh, what stretch marks? Kiss me, you fool!")



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