Monday, February 18, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

While I finish reading my "required" Spidey for the week, you should definitely consider spending some time with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. While the show stumbled for a few episodes after the very fun (and very derivative) pilot, it is quickly turning around to become this fan's dream Terminator series. A couple of points that are really drawing me to it:


  • Summer Glau. Seriously, how can one go wrong looking at her? Plus, she does a passable cyborg, so...
  • Unreliable programming. Nothing has interested me in the show quite like tonight's flash(forward/back) to the Resistance's time-travel camp, where one of the "good" Terminator's counter-programming fails and he just starts killing everyone around. All of a sudden, Cameron (Summer Glau) is looking MUCH creepier.
  • Kyle Reese's Brother, Derek. Here's another story element that is really drawing me into the series: Kyle Reese's slightly more paranoid brother, Derek, played by Brian Austin Green, of all people. He lends just the right TV-spinoff-tie-in air to the show, as I have a soft spot for dead characters' replacements. (Yes, I was a Jill Stacy fan.)
  • Everyone's LYING to EVERYONE Else. This show threatened to be a simplistic Fugitive/Hulk/Werewolf rip-off, and suddenly we've got a Terminator lying to the Connors, the Connors lying to a Reese, and a Reese who's lying back at them.
  • The "Lieutenant Gerard" character isn't actually a complete idiot. He seems to be fast on the trail of "Oh, they really ARE from the future," saving us a silly, three-year-long recurring plot.

Anyway, it's far from a perfect show, but this John Connor is more bearable than Eddie Furlong and the show is actually showing some of the details of the future while still being smart and paranoid. Check this one out if you haven't already.

Back ASAP with post-Gwen's Death Spidey reviews.


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