Thursday, May 15, 2008

CA Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision

I know I haven't updated for a while, and I know this issue has little to do with Spider-Man. However, it's an important issue for me, so I wanted to note that the California Supreme Court has declared that any statute that makes a distinction between "opposite-sex" marriages and "same-sex" marriages is unconstitutional in that state.


I support the majority's basic decision, and when reading the majority opinion, I found myself frequently nodding and muttering things like "Thank God someone understands this stuff" and "It's about time." To me, claiming that men and women should have equal rights and then limiting people's choices over who they can marry is contradictory. I'm ashamed to say my own state, Michigan, has enshrined such bigotry in its own constitution.

However, the most interesting part of the night's reading was Justice Carol A. Corrigan's dissenting opinion, which comes right at the end. She seems to agree that marriage should be for everyone, regardless of their gender or orientation. However, she presents sharp, to-the-point arguments against the majority's ruling and opinion. Hers is the first cogent argument that I've read that basically says, "The courts should not override the will of the people in this case."

I believe that gay marriage is a fundamental civil rights issue that will mark our times as times of ignorance and intolerance, with "anti-gay marriage" statutes and amendments being accorded the same place in history as "Jim Crow" laws, but Justice Corrigan really made me think. My hat is off to her even while I celebrate the "win" in the CA Supreme Court.

Check out the decision HERE.