Friday, September 30, 2011

DC - The New 52 - My Survey Response

No one reads this anymore, and I'm okay with that.  I'm putting this here for posterity.  This is a message I wrote for the Nielsen folks for their DC New 52 Survey when it asked for general comments to go to DC.


You guys, you're doing it wrong.  Seriously.  I'm not just some internet fanboy who can't handle when his old continuity is wiped away.  I've been hoping for a reboot for years, even though I started reading DC with the Post-Crisis reboot in '86.

The costumes, the sex, the violence... they're terrible, and they're not going to bring you new readers.  Bringing back Barry and Hal because Geoff can't get enough of his childhood... that's not going to bring you new readers.  Rebooting the numbering on Action and 'Tec... that's not going to bring you new readers.

Making Wonder Woman's costume believable and less sexist... that might help.  Providing a single-use Comixology code in EVERY issue (even if it means giving Comixology an extra $1 to use the code)... THAT would get you new readers.  Donating Comixology codes to libraries and schools so that kids could read this stuff for free and get "hooked"... THAT would get you new readers.

I'm very sorry that you think what you're doing is going to work long term.  I hope that, when it doesn't and sales are far south of 100K again, you'll find some leaders who can see what comics are turning into and not be blinded on what they used to be.