Sunday, May 6, 2012

Joss Whedon's Avengers: Thor, Loki, and Adoption

I'd really like to thank Joss and company for including the "[Loki's] adopted" joke in the Avengers movie. It was really fun having my daughter in tears in the theater while the audience laughed at the fact that one of the big heroes basically said that Loki wasn't really part of his family because he's adopted. I really enjoyed having my family structure laughed at by a room full of people.

It was also extremely fun explaining to her afterwards that:
  1. some people are just ignorant and make jokes without thinking about how they hurt people;
  2. it wasn't really Thor saying it; it was the actor who went along with the line and and the writer/director who put it in there;
  3. the same guy who makes a tough, pro-female character like Buffy thinks it's okay to make fun of adoptees;
  4. Thor the character would have meant it when he called Loki "brother," but being "worthy" as Thor is, he wouldn't have meant the "he's adopted" joke;
  5. many people are ignorant and say mean things about stuff they don't understand, and many other people are ignorant and will laugh at mean things about stuff they don't understand.

I guess the next movie will make fun of Nick Fury for being black, the Black Widow for being a girl, and the Hulk for being the r-word, and Captain America will be the one making fun of people for things that they can't control and that don't determine their worth as human beings.

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