Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Switching from Android to iPhone 03: First Impressions

So, yeah... I'm switching from Android to iPhone.  I kind of thought I'd keep a little journal of what the switch is like and whether I'm likely to stick with it.

First Impressions
I've never owned an iPhone before, and I've always felt like a have-not because of it.  When they first arrived in 2007, they were WAY too expensive and too small in capacity, and I wasn't on AT&T anyway.  My wife got me an iPod Touch for Christmas that year (best present ever, BTW, because I wanted it so bad and didn't expect it at all), and that mitigated the lack of iPhone in my life.  Then, in 2010, the deal on Android was just too good to pass up, as previously discussed.

So here I am, getting an iPhone, and here's what I did and what I noticed:

  1. I put on a screen-protector and a rather bulky "ballistic" case.  Hey, the case was on clearance for $6 and I didn't have to wait for eBay.  I'm super paranoid about cases, especially after the dire warnings from the guy at AT&T when I didn't buy the insurance.
  2. With the case on, the phone's actually rather bulky.  I prefer the feel of my Galaxy S with its uber-cheap silicone eBay case.
  3. Syncing over wi-fi isn't as easy as it is with iSyncr WiFi.  However, cabled syncing is much easier and faster.  (That's not a knock on iSyncr, as iTunes + iPhone is a native connection.)
  4. I need several fewer icons on my home screen in iOS.  Instead of two browsers, two or three different email icons, an "Apps" button, etc., the iOS screen is far more streamlined.  Of course, that streamlining comes with a corresponding lack of choice, so...  Still, Safari works great.  iOS-native email works great with Yahoo!, which the Gingerbread client doesn't.
  5. Notifications are better on Android.  I can see that already.
  6. There isn't much context-sensitive stuff in iOS.  I miss the menu-button.
  7. I love being able to adjust my home-screen in iTunes so that I can use the mouse.
  8. I dislike having the icons automatically arranged for me.  Why can't I turn that off?  I like my custom-arrangements in Android.
  9. Why no widgets?
And with that, it's late.  #3 and #4 above surprised me the most, while 5-9 aren't particularly shocking.  More to come over the next few days, perhaps...

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